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Camp Starts June 21st! Join us on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, 10am to 2pm

Williamsburg Summer Camp Countdown!
Get Ready, Get Set, Go!
Each week a new theme keeps young minds active all summer. Mondays we start with the basics for each theme. Tuesday programs build on the basics. Wednesdays we’ll complete a project. Themes include 3D media, Aerospace, Computers and Electronics, Programming, Fireworks, Life on Earth, Sounds, and Radio Signals. We also play virtual reality games and have friendly creative fun. Watch Nicolle tell you about brainstorming stories here: Click Here
Weekly Camp Themes
WEEK 1: The Third Dimension
Starting June 21st come on in and have fun with the third dimension. We’ll be recording 360 degree videos, creating digital 3D art, and printing 3D objects.

WEEK 2: Aeronautics
Starting June 28th we'll try out a flight simulator, play with drones, and learn about our atmosphere. A guest speaker from our local Youth Aeronautics Education Foundation will bring in a show and tell.

WEEK 3: Fireworks!
Starting July 5th We’ll blow their minds with the power of science. We will learn what explosives are used for in the real world and have fun with exothermic reactions. Put on your safety glasses and stand clear!

WEEK 4: Programming
Starting July 12th we’ll learn about computer components, try to dream up our own game, and edit a game in Unity with Jordan, our programmer. We’ll also have a zoom call with a virtual reality game developer to have a Q&A session.

WEEK 5: Computers and Electronics
Starting July 19th we'll look inside a computer and rebuild it to understand what important components make it work. We'll experiment with electrical componenets. We will build an LED trip circuit to take home and use for personal security.

WEEK 6: Sounds and Radio Signals
Starting July 26th enjoy learning about the invisible signals all around us. We'll make them visible to you and play some tricks with sound waves and magnetic fields.

WEEK 7: Life on Earth
Starting August 2nd we'll watch a virtual reality story about water. Enjoy a video call with teacher from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Please bring in a sample of water to test. We will also play with water guns!


  • COST: $40 per camper
  • DATES: Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday starting June 21st.
  • TIME: Drop off at 10am and Pick up at 2pm
  • 12 Student Max
  • Attend only one or all days!